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RKO Industries is an Earth-friendly and Grower-friendly corporation.

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We offer a new, inexpensive* and environmentally sound ag plastics disposal alternative to row crop growers, nursery growers, citrus growers and agricultural fumigant application companies.

We provide a "win-win" solution for both ag plastics users and the environment.

Typically, RKO is able to reduce a company's agricultural plastics disposal fees by at least 50% while annually diverting of millions of pounds of ag plastics from either entering Florida landfills or being burned on-sight at individual farms. 

These older, conventional methods of burning or landfilling ag plastics can prove to be problematic for both ag plastics users and the environment.
With landfilling, an ag plastics user can incur significant costs for both contract hauling and landfill tipping-fees.  As well, ag plastics buried in our ever-filling, ever-cramped landfills will not degrade in the absence of UV light. 
With burning, the ag plastics user's combined cost of equipment operators, fuel/propane, burner rigs and associated labor is also significant.  Also, the burning of ag plastics releases "carcinogenic - dioxins."
Both of these old disposal methods place pollutants either in our atmosphere or soil.
RKO's Ag Plastics Disposal Alternative Results In:
  • Lowering ag plastic disposal costs incurred by growers


  • Reducing pollutants


  • Restoring value and viability to discarded, otherwise useless ag plastics


  • Reintroducing our recycled, value-added plastic resins pellets to the plastics market and putting them back to work within the plastics manufacturing industry


*Contact RKO's Logistics Division for information regarding disposal fees.

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